Friday, February 15, 2013

The Lost Sea Adventure and Ruby Falls

PaPa Bear and I decided to take the kids on a one day adventure to Tennessee in August. We hit Ruby Falls and The Lost Sea. I don't ever remember going to either one as a child. If I had I forgot what it was like so seeing it this time with the family was special for me. You can tell the kids were excited, look at the smiles on their faces. Or maybe the fact that we were finally out of the car. It was about a 4 hour drive.

                                                                Carroll, Me and Lo
It's funny that we are leaning...the tunnel going down was a bit steep so we kicked in the lean..haha

 This was a cool one! Looks just like teeth. :) Logan liked this one. (ignore the date lol, it was all in a day)

                                                     This is Lookout Mt. @ Ruby Falls

                                                     Over looking The Tenn. River

                         The Sunset before we headed home. Trust me it was prettier in person.

Turned out to be a great trip. If your ever in Tenn. Check them both out. The Lost Sea was pretty cool. There were huge fish. Wished it hadn't been so dark down there. Missed out on getting a good pick of the Sea. Maybe next time. :)


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