Friday, February 15, 2013

Stone Patio

My husband wanted to create a place out back that would resemble the beach and or Hawaii with Palm trees and tiki torches. So he hand poured every stone in our patio. It took him about two months, on his off days to finish it and in the end, its a one of a kind. And it turned out awesome!!! It's a 20x20. With a little something special on one of the stones. <3

                                                                    The first pour

                                                              Working in the dark
                                                            The Finished Project :)
                             We have added more Palms and white rocks around the sides



The Lost Sea Adventure and Ruby Falls

PaPa Bear and I decided to take the kids on a one day adventure to Tennessee in August. We hit Ruby Falls and The Lost Sea. I don't ever remember going to either one as a child. If I had I forgot what it was like so seeing it this time with the family was special for me. You can tell the kids were excited, look at the smiles on their faces. Or maybe the fact that we were finally out of the car. It was about a 4 hour drive.

                                                                Carroll, Me and Lo
It's funny that we are leaning...the tunnel going down was a bit steep so we kicked in the lean..haha

 This was a cool one! Looks just like teeth. :) Logan liked this one. (ignore the date lol, it was all in a day)

                                                     This is Lookout Mt. @ Ruby Falls

                                                     Over looking The Tenn. River

                         The Sunset before we headed home. Trust me it was prettier in person.

Turned out to be a great trip. If your ever in Tenn. Check them both out. The Lost Sea was pretty cool. There were huge fish. Wished it hadn't been so dark down there. Missed out on getting a good pick of the Sea. Maybe next time. :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie Screen

We had always said we wanted to have an outdoor movie screen for warm summer nights, to hang with our family and friends and just enjoy the old time ways of drive-in movies and of course Alabama Football but with better sound and a better picture. So i came up with a plan to make my own screen out of blackout fabric and grommets. It took me three days, a lot of thread, and 64 yards of fabric. And walla it was done.

it's about 32ft high and 27ft wide

                                                                   Roll Tide Roll
 People have stopped by during a game to see what it was because they could see it from the road. lol And we invited them to stay and watch the game with us. We have never turned a person away. :) All is welcome at Meaney Manor.                                       

                                                              Roll Tide Roll  #15

"The Kids"
Carroll, Brad, Sommer, Damon

Update :)

Here it is mid Feb. and so much has already happened. Where has the time gone? I'm smelling spring??? Not yet, just a lot of rain :( But i have the spring itch :D Ready to start more projects for the summer.

2012 was an amazing year! So much happened last year. After we got home from the wedding, we started on the greenhouse. My husband is the grandson of the original Meaney's Florest here in Tuscaloosa and well, its always been his dream to have his own greenhouse and we made that happen. :) I loved seeing the look of a dream come true in the eyes of my husband. <3 

The original Meaney's was in Alberta. Then it was moved to 5 points where it stood until the land was sold. It was replaced by a Walgreen's.

                                                            Meaney's Greenhouse
 This is almost the finished project. I still have to finish painting the windows and doors. The front door is pink now. :) I had to have the columns in the front. It's starting to look like a dollhouse more than a greenhouse. Mom said she would live in it. lol 
 It is fully functional. It has running water and power. If im right i think it ended up being 20x24. There are two heaters that keep it about 32 in the winter and a fan to circulate the air.
The counter was extended another 4ft and a sink was installed to do the prep work for planting. We also have extended hoses to water the hanging plants. All the windows came from the old home of his grandmothers and the store. And they work and can be opened at any time. However they are a bit brittle and need some repairs. But i was ecstatic to have a part of his families heritage now a part of our lives.  
                                                                Thanksgiving 2012
 Along with the GH, i also decided to paint my antique wagons to use when we plant our garden this spring. so here is the before and after pictures. i was proud of how nice they turned out. :)

 My sweet husband removed the wheels and taped it up for me. He is the best!

 I decided to use a retro turquoise blue from the 70's. I love little flashback of the old.
After wheels are replaced, they are ready to be used. :) And they look great sitting in front of the GH.

I'm stopping this post for now and will start it back up in a few.
Talk Soon
Shea <3

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Pictures

Opening the mail box last week, i found a stuffed envelope with a cd and flash drive. To my sweet surprise my mother and her friend Brenda sent my some pictures from our wedding. It will still be a while yet before our professional pictures come back. So we were so excited to see them. Thank you mom and Brenda. Here are some of the ones we have picked out to post.

 Our first family photo. Our to teenagers: Carroll and Logan <3
 these last 4 were taken by Dann Adams our photographer.
 My sexy husband James.

There will be plenty more photo's just keep checking back.
thank you again mom and brenda
and a special thanks to our Photo guy Dann Adams
his link to his website is in our wedding photo pictures.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wedding

On July 14th, 2012 i married my best friend and the love of my life. In the perfect ceremony on the beach. We were surrounded by our family and friends. It could not have been a more perfect day for a wedding. We love the beach and that is the only place that we wanted to be. We got to spend almost a week on our honeymoon at PCB, FL.

We had the best photographer to shoot the wedding. Great work Dann Adams. You can reach him at: .I recommend him for your next photo shoot.

Shea Meaney