Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie Screen

We had always said we wanted to have an outdoor movie screen for warm summer nights, to hang with our family and friends and just enjoy the old time ways of drive-in movies and of course Alabama Football but with better sound and a better picture. So i came up with a plan to make my own screen out of blackout fabric and grommets. It took me three days, a lot of thread, and 64 yards of fabric. And walla it was done.

it's about 32ft high and 27ft wide

                                                                   Roll Tide Roll
 People have stopped by during a game to see what it was because they could see it from the road. lol And we invited them to stay and watch the game with us. We have never turned a person away. :) All is welcome at Meaney Manor.                                       

                                                              Roll Tide Roll  #15

"The Kids"
Carroll, Brad, Sommer, Damon

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